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Friday, 25 May 2012

Interesting features of the 7'' Computer mini netbook

WolVol NEW (Android 4.0 - 1GB RAM) Ultra-Thin WHITE 7inch Tablet PC Touch Screen, WiFi and Camera with Google Play, Flash Player, 3D/HD Video (Includes: Brown Velvet Pouch Case, Touch Pen, Charger, Screen Protector)
The latest introduction to the list of computers from Wolvol is the black 7 mini laptop that has become the latest craze in the market among the users all over the world. The mini laptops offer plenty of features that are an instant hit among the laptop users. It is light weighted and slim and carrying it from one place to the other is easy. Surfing on the 7th computer is quicker and you can get hooked onto the net for hours. The security of this netbook is also good and you are protected from harmful virus and phishes. 

The 7" Computer is reasonable priced and comes easily within your budget and has various interesting features such as Android 2.2, touch screen functions, light weight, Flash 10.1, long battery life, built in stereo speakers, two jacks Microphone in and Head-phone out, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Flash 10.1, 256 MB DDR RAM. You can also use thousands of applications that are available for free from the Google Android market and many more things. 

The simple touch screen is an additional feature provided in the netbook and is quite easy to use and any important document or file can just be opened with a single touch. You can simply use the regular keyboard to input the numbers or alphabets or the fingers on the touch screen depending on your mood swings.

It also provides plenty of benefits especially while traveling as the mini laptops are light weight, slim and easy to carry in comparison to the bulky and expensive laptops. The Android could be activated simply by pressing on the ‘turn on’ button for around 4 seconds. You can play online games, send mails or work at your own convenience without being troubled by internet connectivity and speed.  The frequency of the processor is 800 MHz and the operation system is Android 2.2 VIA 8650 .

It has a storage device which is 2GB NAND Flash and is extendable to around 16GB. The size of the LCD is 7” and TFT has a resolution of 800*480. It comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and there is a 10 to 100 M Ethernet access. There is a standby time of around 7 hours and work time of 2 to 4 hours, thus making it the most preferable appliance during traveling. With such interesting features available in the 7th Computer mini netbook, you can set out to do business at any corner of the world without any hassle.

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