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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bidding Goodbye To Desktops & Getting The Right Laptop

The era of the good old desktop can be safely assumed to have ended. In homes, schools & offices the desk space is now occupied by the sleek & efficient laptops.  With the same computing power & memory space if one can also have the benefits of mobility why buy a desktop? Agreed that the sturdiness of a desktop cannot be equalled yet who needs sturdiness & durability in an age when new technology dictates buyers’ moods! No one uses a laptop or a netbook for more than two or three years, thus eliminating the need for sturdiness in them. Not that we get flimsy devices, but new age tablets & pocket computers require greater care & maintenance.

With laptops becoming cheaper & integrating more features, consumers are no wonder drawn towards them. A computing & entertainment device that one can carry around spells greater benefits & returns. For a student for example getting cheap laptops is ideal as they would need the device for their school or college projects or for simple surfing the net. Young professionals opt for a higher range of products mostly with more computing power & greater battery life that keeps the laptop alive for longer hours. Mini netbooks are a favourite of today’s youth as these are light-weight & very much easy to carry around. Also they don’t compromise on the functionalities i.e. you still get your webcams & hi-end processors along with the light weight. Unique colours & vibrant covers are also a trademark of these new age devices. Many companies have come up with excellent new designs that can change the user’s moods & make them eager to use their laptops.

Unlike normal laptops, the mini version however has a smaller screen & often lacks the optical drive. The basic requirements in these 7” computers that one should look for are good processing & clear graphics along with battery life. If you are not specific about the display resolution it will be better to by an Android tablet instead. Android OS is reputed to be one of the best ones in the market with an option to upgrade for free more like Linux. Also a variety of applications are available to choose from in case of Android tablets. Moreover these tablets are priced lesser than mini laptops.

Wolvol.com is one great site for shopping for low priced laptops & tablets. Along with free shipping option & fast delivery you get to pick from a wide range of colours & designs. Whether you want to gift someone or buy one for yourself, try this website for excellent choices!

Learn to Gift Smart: Gift a Netbook

No toys, no books and certainly not an Xbox, the best gift idea for a kid’s birthday would be handing them a cool Andorid netbook! Yes, these little devices are now the buzzword in town with everyone boasting of owning one. These smart tablets are all about gaming & not to mention entertainment. Well if that were just the case I wouldn’t be talking about gifting them to kids! Smart netbooks like these are equipped with hi-end features these days that provide a whole modern learning experience. And why just kids, even your teenaged son or daughter would love to hold an Android netbook! Not only can they have fun with these little beauties but also get help for their projects & notes. 

With a cheap Netbook handed down to your kids you no longer have to worry about your laptop being at risk. Remember that instance when you 12 year old accidently deleted an important document? Well, things like that will be history if you follow this great gift idea of buying a smart tablet for them. If you are worried about security or online bullying & stuff, well you can go the extreme step of removing internet access . the better option would be teaching kids how to stay away from unsafe sites & avoid unknown people. Apart from this small risk, there are hardly any cons of a kid owing a tablet. Nice gift ideas for kids At Wolvol.com .

Now the where to buy question arises. The moment you walk in to a store the sales assistants shall undoubtedly bring in the latest gadgets for you to look at. The better option would be to login online & calmly browse through the variety of netbooks available on sale. You can simply select your price range & other specifications & filter your search to narrow down your choices. There will be many choices for cheap Netbooks but being a smart buyer you hould always read the review of the products first. Buying non-brand gadgets isn’t always a great unless you get to read some really convincing reviews on it first. 

Android is an OS that consumes a lot of power & unlike normal Symbian or other smart phones, these tablets require frequent charging.  Before you buy an Android tablet for yourself or your kids, do remember to first check the battery life-as these devices are mobile & you can’t always find a charging point even if you prefer to carry the charger around with you.  For really good bargains on these netbooks or tablets you can check out sites like Wolvol.com that offer free shipping & fast delivery amongst other benefits. So log in today & take a look around.

Are you looking for Gift a Netbook

Will games, books, and certainly not the Xbox, the best gift idea for a child's birthday to extradite netbook cool Andorid! Yes, and these devices are now a little buzz word in the city with everyone courtesy of owning one. These tablets smart is all about games, not to mention entertainment. Well if it just in case I would not be talking about gifting them children! Facebook is equipped smart like this with hi-end features these days that provide a modern learning experience. And why only children, but your son or daughter in the teen love for a netbook robot! Can not only have fun with this little beauty but also get help for their projects and paper.

With cheap Netbook issued for your children no longer have to worry about your laptop being in danger. Remember that example, when 12-year-old accidently deleted an important document? Well, things like this will be history if you follow this great gift ideas to buy a CD smart for them. If you're concerned about security or online bullying and stuff, and you can also go the extreme step to remove access to the Internet. The best option to teach children how to stay away from unsafe sites and avoid unknown people. Apart from these risks are small, there are hardly any negatives child because of a disk.

Now where to buy the question that presents itself. Must moment you walk in to the store sales assistants undoubtedly achieve the latest tools for you to look at. The best option is access to the Internet and browse quietly through a variety of netbooks available for sale. You can simply choose your price range and other specifications and the search filter to narrow down your choices. There will be many options Lent Book cheap but being a smart buyer with which hould always read product reviews first. Buy brand tools are not always great unless you get to read some of the reviews really compelling on it first.

Android is an operating system that consumes a lot of energy and unlike regular Symbian or other smartphones, require shipping these tablets frequently. Before buying Android tablet for yourself or your children, do you remember to check the battery life for the first time and these laptops are not always able to find shipping point, even if you prefer to carry a charger with you. For really good deals on these netbooks or tablets you can check sites like Wolvol.com that offer free shipping and fast delivery among other features. Register today and take a look around.

All About Mini Laptops and Netbooks for kids

If you are planning the education of your child and help him learn in a more technology oriented way which you should obviously do, then you should consider buying a kids computer. It will not only help the child enjoy and have fun but will also help him get acquainted to the changing technological trends and learn. Hence to carter to the needs of the parents many laptop and desktop manufacturers like Dell, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, HCL, IBM etc. have come up with a variety of computers for complete home entertainment in the form of laptops, netbooks and desktop computers. These kids computers are generally designed using bright colors with logos and stickers of their favorite cartoon characters so as to make it look interesting. A child can use it for activities like reading an encyclopedia, watching videos, listening to rhymes or music, playing games etc.

Now let us talk about two categories of computers which can be used for both home entertainment and as a kids computer. The first one is a mini laptop. Mini Laptops are small in size, light on weight, low on cost and are highly portable. They also support all basic computing activities needed by a student or for home entertainment. These mini laptops also come with a battery backup which can help a student learn and study even during power cuts. Since the configuration is basic, the cost of these laptops starts from rupees seven thousand. Parents can decide and implement additional safety software’s on the computer so that the laptop is not overused or misused by the child. It is also advisable to have an internet connection to make the laptop more productive and useful.

Another category of computers is netbook computers. These are devices similar to a regular laptop but with a much lower configuration in terms of processor speed, hard disk space, battery life, screen size etc. Also, due to its low configuration, these netbooks are much cheaper, more portable and lighter than regular laptops. These are loaded with operating systems like Linux or Android which can be used only for basic applications and not for high end gaming. Such Netbooks are called Netbook Android. The cost of such netbooks starts from a very nominal range to higher values. Additional costs of internet connectivity etc. have to be incurred by the user to utilize all the features of Netbook Android. These devices come in different colors and designs and are manufactured by all leading manufacturers. Many online stores stock these & you can even avail great discounts on them. Try Wolvol.com as a trusted seller of these hi-end laptops.

What is a netbook and how to choose a perfect netbook for yourself!

Intel gave the name mini netbook to mini laptops which are small, light weight and efficient laptops. These laptops are famous for their portability. Thanks to their lightweight and smaller size which makes them highly efficient for work on the go. 

These net books are great to be bought for yourself or for gifting someone. Netbooks are great for students, teachers or working professionals. Mini netbooks are especially popular with people who are always on the go and need to get their work done anywhere anytime. These laptops are truly remarkable by how they work and help us.

Here are some of the tips which could help in buying a good mini netbook. Always make sure of your requirements. Analyze your specific needs if you need a bigger screen computer, 7” computer or a mini laptop would do. Think about an average day and what all work you do. Do not buy a netbook if you are looking for a laptop or desktop computer.

Check the battery backup as well. Usually the net books have less powerful microprocessor just to ensure they are fast but they end up having low battery backup. Check the screen size well in advance. Do not go for a mini netbook which has screen size less than 9 inches. Surfing on a very small screen will not only irritate you but delay your work as well. What is the use of choosing a net book instead of mobile screens then? 

Try to get a six cell battery for the net book. Although three cells works well but that soon wears off. If you need more run time then going with six well would always prove beneficial. Take care of processor speed as well. Going with a cheap net book which offers less processor speed would never do you good. Imagine working on a super slow, small screen notebook computer.

Always check for the software and operating system. If you are not comfortable in working on a Linux background then be sure of avoiding it. Many times the vendor sells you the net book but doesn’t tell you if it has basic software or not. Choose wisely and make a good choice. These days you can get Android notebook as well which work exactly like your smart phone.

There are some cons of buying a mini netbook as well. Mini netbooks do not generally come with CD/DVD players. They have very small keyboard which creates a bit of trouble when typing long documents. Due to their processor speed, multi tasking may become troublesome. If you are sure and thought of all the pros and cons then go ahead buy one mini netbook for yourself. If you are planning to buy a mini netbook for your kids as well then go for kids computer which are specifically made for kids.