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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Netbook android- everything you need to know

A netbook is like a laptop with certain differences. The most basic difference between a laptop and a netbook is that the netbook is much smaller than a laptop. A netbook on average has an 8 to 10 inch screen and depending on the model it has a keypad. Some netbooks have virtual keypads. If you are not comfortable using the virtual keypad, you can buy a physical keypad and connect it via a USB cord or via Bluetooth. Netbooks have built in cameras and are wifi enabled. 

They are lightweight and portable. A netbook is ideal for when you are traveling as it is compact and can be slipped into your briefcase or purse easily. So, if you are a professional who is constantly on the move, invest in a netbook android. It is easy on the pocket and provides you with the best experience in gaming, reading, watching movies and surfing the Internet. 

Netbooks are synced with the best operating systems and one of the best operating systems in the market today, is android. If you buy a netbook android you automatically get access to the wide range of apps that Google has and also everything else that Google comes up with. You have access to all kinds of software and the most hi tech apps that come with android. 

A netbook android is what it is because of its operating software. It is widely available in the market in both online and offline stores. It is priced reasonably so that it can be available to the mass public. If you are looking for something that is user friendly, functional and value for money, then a netbook android is the way to go.

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