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Thursday, 26 September 2013

A quick glance at the top features of WOLVOL 7" Computer

Are you tired of those heavy laptops? Are you in need of something light and portable? Are your kids imploring you to buy them a computer? If this is indeed the case, then WOLVOL 7" Computer is the right thing for you. With the optimum size of 7”, it is every bit the perfect gadget one could have hoped for. It is smaller than conventional computer. So, its diminished size takes a chunk of weight off it, rendering it lighter and more mobile. It is also cuter in design and the availability of several colors only adds to its attractiveness. No doubt, they make for great gifts for children.

Its topmost features are discussed below in brief:

a.       4 GB HD and 256 MB RAM: Hard disk of 4 GB is good enough to store various documents, images and video files. It may not be enough for official purpose but is good enough for domestic needs and for children and students. The RAM speed of 256 MB is good enough. 

b.      Quality sound: WOLVOL 7" Computer comes with built-in stereo speaker that offers high quality sound. Watching any film or music file will definitely impress your ears. In addition, you get jacks and headphone units.  

c.       Android-based: It would suffice to say that the gadget runs on Android to make you go jumping in delight. Android-backed system allows you access to thousands of games and apps. 

d.      Low price: The device is priced at $99.94. That is not even $100. The features are great and the price just makes it a very worth-buying gadget. 

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