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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Android Tablets: Tablet PC Touchscreens, Capacitive Or Resistive?

 WolVol BLUE 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

Having a PC is a dream for many young children. But parents, in general, are strict about such things. Technology can be really harmful when it wants to be. One has to always stay on guard, lest a vulnerable young child falls prey to its unfriendly side. Wolvol kids tablet, hence, emerges as a gadget which has the potential to become a global bestseller. It is safe from most accounts. It comes with parental lock system so that the concerned mothers and fathers can monitor the children’s activities. 

It is a touch screen device which uses the now-famous capacitive technology. This technology makes it possible to use the gadget by mere touch. One does not have to bother with a mouse and a mouse pad. In any case, it would have been too much trouble for children to learn to control the keys of a mouse. Since, Wolvol kids tablet uses capacitive technology; its interface is fully touch screen and enables easy operation. 

Kids’ tablets are becoming very popular these days. They are excellent tools which help the young ones learn new things without letting them fall a prey to technology. They do not come with any negative side as such, except for the fact that they may get addictive after a point of time. After all, children of today do find gadgets fascinating. So, the onus lies on the parents to maintain a strict timing for use of such tablets. 

Nevertheless, the user-friendly touch screen Wolvol kids tablet offers a world of learning games, educational apps and fun tools. Overall, they are designed to improve the IQ of an average child. 
WolVol BLACK 16GB Internet Tablet Android 4.2, 7 inch

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